Making swapping and sharing a natural part of the high street since 2015.

our story.

Did you know that the fashion industry is second to the oil industry as the world’s largest pollutant ?

No, neither did we!

It was for this reason that we wanted to make a change.

R:evolve Recycle aims to get people to think differently about their clothing, reduce consumption, landfill waste and our carbon footprint.

We do this by bringing back some good old fashioned ideas like swapping, sharing, giving and caring.


We run weekly repair and up-cycling workshops in our shops and communities to help people learn and share skills that will prolong the lifetime of their clothing.

Our aim is to re-use textiles that come through our shops and turn them into something spectacular or at the very least, practical!

We will happily work with anyone who wants to hear our message or learn new skills. So if would like to learn how to sew, put on a fashion show, learn more about the environment or maybe you have a cool idea around clothing re-use you would like to get off the ground, then contact us for a chat.

Check out our calendar below for all up and coming opportunities.

Events Calendar


Simply come along to any one of our swap shop boutiques or pop up events and swap your unwanted clothing, shoes and accessories for points.

We use a simple 1,2,3 points based system so there are no surprises, you know exactly what you will get and the clothing you have becomes your collateral.

Then use your points against anything you see in any store, at any time. It really is that simple.

It's like going round to your friend's house to borrow an outfit, only your friend's house becomes your whole community!

What a beautiful idea....huh!?

Why not come and visit us at:

R:evolve Clothing Cambuslang

116 Main Street, G72 7EJ

R:evolve Clothing Hamilton

91 Quarry Street, ML3 7AG

R:evolve Clothing Rutherglen

71-75 Main Street, G73 2JQ

Opening Times:

Tue-Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Closed for lunch 12:45 - 13.15

Sat 10:00 - 14:00 (Cambuslang closed)



100% of the clothing that comes through our doors is either re-used or recycled.

With around 2 tonnes of clothes being processed every month the challenge is making sure that these items stay in circulation as close to home as possible.

Our Clothing Bank is a referral system for people in our community who are in need of quality seasonal clothing but don’t have the items to swap.

The beauty is that once you have been referred to us you gain clothing collateral and can begin to use the swapping service and update your wardrobe whenever you like.

We also have ‘take me for free’ rails in local food banks where people can take items they need, no questions asked.

In addition to this we also work with local charities, selecting the specific items they need for their clients, saving them the hassle of processing and storing items themselves.


We are always looking for friendly, enthusiastic people to join our team of volunteers to help spread our swapping and sharing message.

All our shops and workshops are run by volunteers, so whether you want to assist in the running of our swap shop boutiques or share your skills as a craft and textile workshop leader, you are certain to find an opportunity you will love.

Interested? Click the links below to download more information about the roles we have to offer and our application form.

Role Descriptions


Our Stores:

R:evolve Clothing Cambuslang

116 Main Street, G72 7EJ

R:evolve Clothing Hamilton

91 Quarry Street, ML3 7AG

R:evolve Clothing Rutherglen

71-75 Main Street, G73 2JQ

Tel: 0141 641 5169

(lines open Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm)


R:evolve Recycle is a project managed by LEAP Ltd and is proudly funded by the Climate Challenge Fund, Esmee Fairbairn and Clyde Gateway.

LEAP Head Office, 197 Hamilton Road, Cambuslang G72 7PJ

Email: enquiries@leap-project.co.uk

Scottish Charity: SC024196

Company Number: SC300044