R:evolve swap

social mission: the textiles you share here help us reduce fast fashion and landfill waste

wanna swap?

R:evolve swap shops are high street boutiques which offer a space for you to share your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories completely free of charge through a points based system. Simply swap items you no longer want for something more useful. 

Our mission is to reduce fast fashion and textile waste by enabling you to think differently about your clothes; seeing value in what you already own, and sharing it with your community.

Ensuring second hand is not second best.


how it works

Step 1 – Clear out your wardrobe

Step 2 – Pop along to the swap shop and sign up as a member

Step 3 - Get points for your items (20 max. per transaction)

Step 4 – Use these points at any time, against any swap item, in any one of our swap shop boutiques and pop-up shops

Step 5 – Take a pic and tag us #itsfromrevolve