R:evolve Recycle is part of LEAP, a charity that works to enhance the lives of older people in communities. 

With our Swap Shops we share our values on community and connectedness with a wider audience. And we are fighting climate change at the same time!

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R:evolve Clothing Bank

Our Clothing Bank is a referral system for people in our community who need quality seasonal clothing but currently do not have items they can swap in our shops. Clients are referred to our Clothing Bank through partner agencies we have set up links with.

Individuals referred through the Clothing Bank do not need to have R:evolve points or a membership card, they are simply given what they need for free. However, the good thing is that once someone has been referred to us, they gain clothing that can be swapped at a later date in R:evolve shops, meaning they can become a R:evolve member and use our swapping service should they wish to do so.

Our Clothing Bank referral system allows us to work with local charities who support individuals and families. We are able to select the specific items they need for their clients, saving them the hassle of processing and storing items themselves.

We have an abundance of quality pre-loved clothing that we want to keep in circulation and the Clothing Bank ensures that we can do this whilst supporting those in our community who need it most.

To refer a client to R:evolve or to find out more about how your organisation can establish a working link with our Clothing Bank, please contact us via revolverecycle@leap-project.co.uk

Community Outreach Partnerships

To spread R:evolve’s message, we regularly take part in community partnership activities with other organisations such as youth groups, schools, housing associations, businesses, higher education establishments, other voluntary organisations and a host of other individuals and groups.

This could include facilitating bespoke workshops, hosting pop-up swap shops, delivering climate change presentations, or speaking at events.

In addition to this we have previously collaborated with other projects on joint activities such as upcycled fashion shows, podcast recordings or sustainable fashion and climate change show case events across Scotland.

If you are interested in our community outreach activities and would like to partner with R:evolve, then we would love to hear from you! Get in touch via revolverecycle@leap-project.co.uk