Eco Haberdashery

Wee Jinty’s Eco Haberdashery is a brand-new project from R:evolve Recycle which aims to develop the first of its kind all recycled Haberdashery, stocking second hand and reclaimed cloth, equipment, embellishments, and crafting materials in order to make textile crafting in Scotland a more environmentally friendly hobby.

Prior to 2020, R:evolve collected upwards of 23 tonnes of donated clothing annually. However, we were

not always able to store them for the following season or use them for upcycling purposes. This naturally left us looking for a solution that would allow us to keep more textiles circulating in our local community where they could have a positive impact.

After securing funding and a location, R:evolve have now opened and begun operating a central textile sorting space in Cambuslang. We have named it the Roots Centre as it is the support for all the activities and programmes that make R:evolve so special. This new space will not only enable us to increase the amount of donations of clothing, shoes, and accessories we can accept from customers within our swap shops but allow us to reclaim and re-use more of the donations.

Our new ability to store and process end of life items in our Roots Sorting Centre, allows us to up-cycle them from rags to riches and sell them in our new Haberdashery. This process includes breaking clothing items down for their parts (such as zips, buttons, cloth, embellishments, etc) and packaging them for sale in our swap shops and textile crafting workshops. We are also developing a new online shop to feature these second-hand haberdashery items with the goal of sharing our passion for swapping, sharing, mending and making to the larger community. We will also now have the ability to accept donations of wool, fabric, crafting materials, embellishments, and household textiles such as curtains and bedsheets. With this new venture, R:evolve hopes to be able to become more self-supported and rely less on outside funders. We want to ensure that R:evolve is there to support the community for many years to come, and the money we gain from this new project will help us realise that dream.

Wee Jinty's

Janice was often considered the heart and soul of R:evolve. As a volunteer she headed many projects, was always up for a challenge, and was never far away if you needed assistance. Her crafting talents were only surpassed by her genuinely shining personality and open heart. When Janice passed away unexpectedly last year, the staff felt that there would be no better tribute than to name our new haberdashery after the woman who would have loved it the most.