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Wee Jinty's Haberdashery

Needles and pins and crafty quick wins!

Wee Jinty's Haberdashery Cambuslang

curious finds

We stock everything from cloth, wool and textile crafting equipment to more unusual items like vintage buttons and patterns.


Purchase items within our swap or thrift shops and the money we make is reinvested to reduce fast fashion and landfill waste.

waste not...

Every single item in our haberdashery has been saved for reuse either through donations, repurposing or upcycling, meaning it has a new lease of life and reduces the environmental impact of buying new.

Vintage Buttons Wee Jinty's Haberdashery

craft daft

Wee Jinty’s Haberdashery was named after a beloved volunteer who saw value in the small stuff, claiming she could run just about anything up on her sewing machine! If you're craft daft like Wee Jinty, check out our socials for workshops and creative opportunities.

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